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Issue with saving External Hardware instruments

pramster Member Posts: 3 Sine
edited November 23 in Maschine

I have a bunch of external hardware that I like to control via Maschine, however the issue I have is that when I save any new instrument I have created as a “Sound” (which is essentially just the midi channel settings) when I re-load that into a new project, the midi channel settings are always reset to Channel 1, and I need to go into Macro settings and set them again.

Is this intended behaviour, or am I doing something wrong?



  • Uwe303
    Uwe303 Moderator Posts: 1,046 mod


    maschine uses the pad number as midi ch setting, so if you load the same preseton pad 3 it will set midi ch 3. So maybe if you often use combinations of synths you save the preset as group preset where you have 4 synths or whatever set up.

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