All of my groups, sounds ect disapeared

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I have the latest version of maschine 2 and komplete 14. All of my sounds, groups ect disappeared. When I hit browser button nothing shows up. I am starting to hate this platform more and more each time I use it, there is some stupid issue that didn't exist the last time. Vsts and plug ins are still present. I have rescanned my libraries and plug ins. Please help. What the heck every thing worked great yesterday :( finally got my entire midi external setup to play nice, my mixer (l12) to work for atleast 4 channels. Now this. Energy xt is simple but atleast works.



  • darkwaves
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    You're in the user library. Usually this 'issue' is caused by people mistakenly switching to the user library.

    If you are specifically talking about your user library, then you'll want to show the paths you have setup in settings.

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    Thanks, I must have hit something. How do I get back into the regular library if I screwed this up. Love the work flow, but the general navigation is a little quirky if you are moving over from something similar to Cubase or energyxt.

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    Click the silhouette at the right of the browser, hard to tell if it's active or not on your pics but it's brighter when User Mode is active.

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