Maschine: Audio Dropouts, crackling, popping

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Hello, a continuation of the below thread from old forums [1].

As of recently, as of the last update for Maschine update, I *think* I am noticing the return of a problem that I used to have. The problem of audio crackling and poping during project playback more frequently. This project contains a couple of 3rd party NKS compatible plugins, one Arturia and one AAS and the rest are mostly NI plugins. Is there a support page on how to debug 3rd party NKS plugins in Maschine?

Below are my Maschine version setting as well as what is happening. I have circled the CPU spikes when the audio starts to crackle and distort. In img m-48-128 you can see the CPU spike at the end. I forgot to circle it. m-48-256 is the same project at 256 settings. I really dont want to have to use anything past that if possible.

  • Hardware: MK3 and Focusrite Scarlette 8i6.
  • OS: Windows 10 x64

My project setting is usually at 24/48k and the problem happens at both 128 and 256 buffer. Is the bottleneck the CPU or a software issue? This has been working fine for years without issues and started as of the last time I updated Maschine.

Any tips or advice on how to further debug this? This problem does not happen in my regular DAW Cubase 10 x64.

[1] old forum post.



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    Suggestion: Kill half the rubbish running in memory for a start, such as msEdge.

    Prob not the exact issue but I would recommend killing ANY service and application not related to your Maschine session. I actually have a script I use for this as I have had things like Dropbox and Google Drive cause hiccups. Chrome also has caused me some stutters in things so I always close Chrome and will have a script kill everything I do not need to make the computer run then reload stuff that needs to work after my session, especially all the software update services that run and periodically poll a server looking for updates... just not needed at all. Kill them!

    It has NOTHING to do with memory or CPU capabilities before we get started on that track as you clearly have plenty of headroom. you can have a super computer but sometimes a thread can just cause a hiccup when dealing with Realtime processes.

    You stated your Sample/Buffer which seems suitable, but are you using the ASIO driver option for these? Also, even tho it may not be desired, have you tested a buffer of 512/1024? Have you tested a sample rate of 96Khz (as counter intuitive as it sounds, sometimes it can help depending on the content used).

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    Thaks for the great tips. I did shut down some of those extra lingering services. I didn't seem to help. I tried different settings and buffers. same issues. It's weird because, not only does it crackle and distort, but it seems to also slow down the audio in playback for a mili secnd, and then start up normal again.The project file contains only stock NI VIs and effects and the Arturia VI. Other projects are fine.

    I think I have narrowed it down to possibly something with the loop setting (i dont use loops often) or something with perhaps Arturia DX 7 that I am using.

    I wonder if it could be the loop in the project. i am using a 16 bar loop from NI Velvet Lounge but am only using the first 2 bars of it. Is there someone one needs to pay attention to when using audio loops?

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