Raum and Replika loose keyboard commands for DAW

anilnc Member Posts: 3 Newcomer


I am having this issue since long time. When Rau or Replika, and probably even other NI plugins is open, when I move a knob (ie; when the gui is active), I can no longer use keyboard commands to playback DAW or any commands. I noticed this in Windows 10 since more than a year.

The support representative said they forwarded it to the dev team but can't promise when it will be fixed. Recently there was an update, but the issue was not fixed.

Can any of you confirm this or its only me? I'm using Cubase 12 and VST3 versions of these plugins.

If its not me alone facing this issue, there should be a fix. Hope they won't plan to launch Raum 2 and leave this issue unfix and I have to buy the upgrade.

Let me know.



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