Komplete Kontrol Software with A25 keyboard.

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I have a Windows 11 PC on which I have loaded the latest update of the Komplete Kontrol Software (KKS) fed from my A25 keyboard. When I run KKS as a Windows executable file, select an instrument, and play the keyboard, I hear the expected audio. When I run KKS from within my DAWs (Bitwig or Cubase) I get no audio. Bitwig indicates that it senses a pressed key, but no audio. I have tried Native Instruments troubleshooting, but to no avail. MASSIAny ideas?

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    C12 needs vst3 you know?

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    Seems to be some misinformation going round on this whole VST3 topic...

    Cubase/Nuendo will both still support VST2 just fine. VST2 is now "discontinued" but no DAW will drop VST2 support just like that since many projects require VST2 and some plugins don't/will never have a VST3 version

    The only reason VST2 will not be available will be on a mac running Apple Silicone in Native Mode since VST2 is no longer compatible or updatable so VST3 is required (but still needs to be updated to be AS compatible anyway).

    It is suggested (as is the suggestion for everything at the moment) to run your DAW in Rosetta mode. If this is not desirable then yes, you need to sort out everything in VST3 (well, what is available and compatible at the moment).

    Info on Steinberg's forum here:

    None of this applies to the OP tho as they are on Windows where VST2 will will still function just fine.

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    @kurasdan Does that happen with any instrument loaded? In Komplete Kontrol (in your DAW) go to edit view like here:

    Now if you play the blue keys, do you get sound?

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    @kurasdan Any update on your side? Did you find a solution?

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    We didn’t hear back from you. We’re closing this thread. If you still need assistance on that matter, please get in touch here: http://bit.ly/NIsupport_KKontrol

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