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Hello dear community,

I have upgraded from Komplete 13 Collecors Edition to Komplete 14 Collectors Edition and already regret it. Until the 13 edition you got the software on a hard disk for the same price, now you have to download all the stuff yourself. That would still work if the new Native Access wasn't such a piece of junk. I wanted to download the instruments overnight, but after a few instruments (sometimes no more than two) the download freezes with the remark to calculate the download time, even with small packages of a few megabytes. I can not sit in front of the computer for days or weeks and do supervised downloading. About my network: I have 250 MBit, no VPNs and it runs very stable. All other applications have no problems, so please don't blame my network. I have a high performance computer and work with SSDs. So it can't be because of them either. Are NI's servers that bad?

Does anyone else have any ideas on how I could move forward? Can't offer this to customers like this and it's not productive either.


Many greetings



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