Maschine MIDI crackling in FL DAW in Mac OS

Rey Siafu
Rey Siafu Member Posts: 1 Member

Hello, I hope someone can give me a helping hand. I operate with FL Studio as primary DAW and have the MK3 function as a MIDI. I had virtually no problems for maybe a year operating this way until a recent update from NI. I'm unsure if there is a bug or if it's something I can toggle.

In FL, after the NI update, drum shots make crackling noises or don't fully commit to playing the triggered sound. Synths sometimes don't play at all. I thought FL needed to be update, so I did so...that did not fix my problem.

I believe the last thing I updated was Kontakt 7. I believe that's when the sound issues started. I tried adjusting the audio settings in FL, but nothing seems to work. Oddly enough, some of my older projects that have Maschine MIDIs don't exhibit this problem, but most do.


  • Jens33
    Jens33 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    I have the exact same problem.

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