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Hey everyone,

As promised, we are happy to share some words from our product team about the scope of our next MASCHINE and MASCHINE+ update, scheduled for early-mid March. We know it’s a long time coming, but these highly-requested features are almost ready to go. Here are some of the new things you can expect - which we hope will improve your workflow and make your beat making sessions more fun. 

VST3 Plug-in Targets

MASCHINE 2.15 can now run as VST3 plug-ins in DAWs that support this format. These are functionally equivalent to the VST2 versions, with some user-facing changes resulting from underlying technical differences between the plug-in formats. Some DAWs will automatically migrate the VST2 versions of MASCHINE in saved projects to VST3 versions, preserving all data (e.g. loading plug-ins, parameter values, patterns etc). Please consult your DAW’s documentation for guidance.

Please note that when MASCHINE is running as a VST3, it is not possible to trigger Scenes, Sections or Lock Snapshots via MIDI Program Change messages. Instead, MIDI Note Events must be used.

It’s also worth mentioning that hosting of VST3 plug-ins inside of MASCHINE is considered a separate topic to loading them into a DAW as a VST3 plug-in target. VST3 plug-ins by Native Instruments can be hosted in MASCHINE, and in 2022 we will work with third-party manufacturers to add support for NKS VST3s.


The new Auto-Sampler provides a fast and efficient method of sampling an external device such as a synthesizer or drum machine, which is compatible with all 4x4 MASCHINE controllers.

Auto Project Recovery

With this update, MASCHINE software and MASCHINE+ will periodically save your current project, to ensure that no work is lost in the event of a crash or unexpected shutdown. Project backups are accessible via both the hardware and software.

Chord Inversions

We’ve also added an ‘Inversions’ parameter to Chords mode, which will help with writing more interesting harmony. This parameter can be automated to create dynamic movement in your chords. Set to ‘Auto’ for smart voice leading! KOMPLETE KONTROL customers will already be familiar with this feature.

MASCHINE+ Stability Improvements

This update adds general performance and stability improvements to MASCHINE+ through kernel updates.

Future / Outlook

Beyond this release, we will continue with the theme of Compatibility for MASCHINE. We’ll be working with NKS partners to provide support for NKS VST3 plug-ins in batches. We also hope to have MASCHINE running natively on Apple Silicon computers (i.e. without needing to use Rosetta), as well as adding support for M1 Pro and M1 Max machines by the end of Q2.

Of course, we’re still a month away from the update so things can change. We’ll keep you all updated if we hear anything and the changelog will be posted right before launch. Providing more transparency on what we plan is one of our main goals and we’ll definitely share more about other products as well 🙏 🚀



  • djneural
    djneural Member Posts: 25 Helper

    Thanks for the update. I have high hopes for the mentioned stability improvements, especially in the known sound glitches bug and current limitations/problems with user sample libraries browsing.

    Regarding Auto-Sampler, not very clear on what it takes as input in playback mode (folder of .wav files ?) and what it is giving as output when auto-sampling ?

    Also, is it only on Maschine software le also inside M+ firmware ?

    Same question regarding chord inversions : are they also coming on the M+ ?

  • Matt_NI
    Matt_NI Administrator Posts: 1,079 admin
    edited February 2022

    Yes coming to M+

    I'll check the details for the auto-sampler and get back to you.

  • Leibregime
    Leibregime Member Posts: 4 Member

    Thanks for sharing.

    With the introduction of Autosampler will there also be improvements on the sample management side of things on Maschine+? Naming/tagging recorded samples would be much needed as autosampling can generate a lot of files and given the current managing system...well, it would generate a mess.

  • tetsuneko
    tetsuneko Member Posts: 555 Guru
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    Depends on how the autosampler is implemented. If it works by creating a sampler instrument with zones already configured, that will just save as a single instrument file in the UI (the samples used for the zones will be in a subfolder but this subfolder will not be visible when browsing the instruments).

    Would be great to be able to name the autosamoler patch (along with its samples, which would inherit the patch name + autogenerated required suffixes) before starting the autosampling process!

    I'm personally waiting for enhanced MIDI features (BANK/PRG CHNG & MIDI Macro creation in M+ standalone), so 1.4 will not be a significant update for me aside from bugfixes and improved stability. I hope the autosave can be disabled in the settings for those of us who do not require it?

    Introducing VST3 is undoubtedly a significant milestone considering any future developments.

  • Akira-76
    Akira-76 Member Posts: 40 Helper

    Thanks @Matt to keep your promise.

    I would have liked to keep my Maschine+, but waiting the next or the fornext update for what I believe to be "basics functions", is to make a prayer.

    I give up.

  • Andy Wt
    Andy Wt Member Posts: 61 Helper

    So no info about bugs X1200-1819 and especially MAS2-29153 ?

  • AlexBuga
    AlexBuga Member Posts: 26 Helper

    I'm good with stability improvements, and crash recovery. I've lost a few ideas.

    Also chord inversions sounds awesome. I use those chords every time and some random inversions would spice them up a bit

  • Eight4aWish
    Eight4aWish Member Posts: 52 Helper

    Thanks for this which is much appreciated. Off to find out what “smart voice leading” is given that KK already has it.

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