Deleted projects are not removed from browser

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Hi all,

I've had a search but didn't find anyone with this issue.

What's happening is:

In controler mode, using Maschine 2 as my DAW and Maschine plus as my controler. If I delete a project from my computer (by locating it in explorer and deleting) the project remains in the browser.

An example: I create a song and save 4 versions of it with slightly different names (v01, v02, v03, v04) then on the computer delete v1, v2, v3 (because I can't delete from maschine), they are gone from my computer (as expected) but continue to remain in the browser under user content in my maschine+

Can some one tell me what i'm doing wrong here? How should I delete projects?


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  • Sunborn
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    Go to "C:\Users\your_user_name\AppData\Local\Native Instruments\Maschine 2" and delete the file komplete.db3

    Then open your Maschine. It will recreate everything from the beginning and it will leave out anything that don't exist anymore!

    However, if you had custom folders in your library, you should first open "Preferences" then go to "Library\User" and add your custom folders again.


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