Razor opens in Reaktor5 only as Demo!

Orik Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I am trying to increase the particles inside Ni Razor (Running Komplete 9)

But when I load Razor, it says i have the Demo. when I want to activate it with my serial,

I get a message that says, Service center not to be found, please run the product installer again to install service center"

Service center no longer exists so I am now stuck with a product I have bought and use alot but only as the demo version.

I have no intension on upgrading to Reaktor 6. how do I get to activate my licsence?



  • Paule
    Paule Member Posts: 1,328 Expert
    edited November 2022

    Yes, the same here. Service Center is discontinued.

    So use Native Access and open Razor in Reaktor 6. That works.

    It's the same with PolyPlex, Rounds, Monark, Molekular, Kontour, The Mouth, The Finger, PRISM.

    Scapes & S-Layer by Twisted Tools works fine on R5, Spark R2 also.

    My win 7 pro passed away this summer. At this pc all works fine with R5. But times changes.

    Orik, you can drive Razor in R6 player and register Razor via NA3.

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