Is there a separate low pass filter (cutoff freq) VST inside NI Komplete?

michelkeijzers Member Posts: 24 Member
edited November 2022 in Komplete General

I'm using NI Komplete 13, and I'm searching for a simple low pass filter, to be used as a better way for volume control.

I know most plugins have some kind of cutoff frequency, however, e.g. in MassiveX it is heavily modulated by various sources, and using a controller to change it directly, does not always get it to 0 (meaning it will be not able to be inaudible).

I'm currently using a Solid EQ where I change the HF, but this also doesn't make it possible to silence it completely.

So, is there some kind of low pass filter in NI Komplete? (or what else should I use?)

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