For Logic input, is the MK3 equivalent to a separate audio interface?

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Hi - I'm figuring out my workflow involving Logic and the MK3, and have decided I prefer to let them both do their own thing. Work in Maschine, drag into Logic, record guitar, vocals and other stuff in Logic.

I have an Apogee One, but it would be easier for me to minimize the number of devices plugged in and use the MK3 as an audio interface for recording guitar, vocals, etc into Logic. So far the levels are low but I've barely begun to muck with it.

Opinions needed - is the MK3 more or less equivalent as an audio interface, or should I invest my time in figuring out a workflow that includes the Apogee One as the main input for audio and vocals, even though it means one more thing to set up/break down?

thx in advance!



  • Impermanence
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    Go for the Apogee. You still need DI box with Maschine to record guitars so the hassle and number of devices is the same.

  • mtumi
    mtumi Member Posts: 15 Member

    that's very helpful. Thank you. I didn't realize you'd need a DI box for the Maschine audio interface.

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