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While upgrading from Komplete 13 Ultimate to the 14 version today, I started using Native Access 3.0.1 for product downloads. I noticed that some installations didn't complete within a half hour or more after the download had finished. Successful installations finished in less than a minute after downloading.

The pattern seemed to be that, if I queued three or more installations, the first would complete, the second and third would both download, but the second would get stuck on installing. I can't be absolutely certain of that pattern, but it happened that way twice.

If I exited Native Access, then started it again and chose the same product to install, it would re-download and the installation would work fine. (Why it downloaded again with the .iso already sitting on disk, I have no idea.)

Switching back to version let me schedule -- and complete -- multiple installs with no problem.


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    I just tried a 4-product installation and they all completed without a problem, so I'm not sure what was going wrong earlier.

    I do see 2 NativeAccess2 error log files in ~/Library/Application Support/... but they're both zero bytes long.

    One difference on this end is that I'm now pointing my installation directory to a different volume. Any chance that the installer thinks it's out of storage space when it only has 100GB remaining?


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