The Mouth as VST (In Studio One 6 Artist)

Jim Murfitt
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I am trying to use The Mouth as a VST in Studio One 6 Artist, but it does not show up. Neither does Reaktor 6 player, so I can't load it that way.

I checked the VST folder and neither The Mouth or Reaktor 6 player are showing there either.

Am I missing something or being stupid? I paid for The Mouth but can't use it in my DAW. Do I have to purchase a full copy of Reaktor?


  • Jim Murfitt
    Jim Murfitt Member Posts: 7 Newcomer

    So, it appears I've been stupid. Install location of the vst files was different...... I've now specified the correct locations and this now works.

    Feeling kinda silly now!

  • Paule
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    The Mouth is an ensemble loadable in Reaktor.

    The vst 64 path is

    C:\Program Files\Native Instruments\VSTPlugins 64 bit

    As they wrote here there is no need for Reaktor full version.

    At the moment Reaktor don't run with windows 11.

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