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edited November 2022 in Maschine

When performing, jamming or playing live with Maschine, I often find that tweaking and playing around with a particular Sound’s knobs and it’s fxs are key moments of the music. This gives freshness and lively feel to a set.

However, while tweaking and playing, whenever I need to shot another sample, mute/unmute the kick, or any other musical action like that, the knobs I am turning get disabled. The new-pressed Sound appears on the MK3 screen, or the MUTE Menu shows on, disabling the knob and breaking the action.

I imagine it would be super useful to have BUTTON 7 to PIN a Sound in the screen. This way, no matter if you press SOLO, MUTE, or another PAD, the screen and knobs keep the same.

It could be a huge improvement for live performing and creating. A SOUND can be fixed to the screen, like as if it was a piece of hardware. No matter if you want to mute or unmute other sounds, its always there.

And you can still use SELECT to switch the screen to another SOUND. Or simply UNPIN.

Thats my grain of sand :)

Anyone interested?

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