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Maschine and (my) Reaktor-Ens...

strg+v Member Posts: 58 Sine
edited November 2022 in Maschine

First off all Maschine and my Reaktor(FX)-ens works nice together.

What i miss/didnt find is a way to save my rektor-ens into my maschine-libraray.

Normally 3rd party-FX i can save and a .nksfx will created in my M-Plug-ins libarary.

If i save one of my reaktor-FX-ens it creates a .nrkt file, which is not shown in my M-user-lib/FX.

So i have allways the very long way-search for reaktor... then load the that ensemble...

Is there a way to save my reaktor-patches in that way i want?


  • D-One
    D-One Moderator Posts: 1,190 mod

    Click the Pad/Sound and save it (.mxfx), it will then show up in the User browser under FX.

    Or save the Reaktor patch as an .Ens and add the folder where it is to the MAS Prefs, by default it's:

    • Mac OS: Macintosh HD > Users > *Username* > Documents > Native Instruments > REAKTOR5/6
    • Windows: C: > Users > *Username* > My Documents > Native Instruments > REAKTOR5/6

    For the Ens to show up it has to be optimized for MAS tho, read this in case you haven't yet.

  • strg+v
    strg+v Member Posts: 58 Sine

    Thank you, D-One.. It works perfect!

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