Creating clips in Maschine from pre-made patterns (on the hardware)

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I'm wondering if I can do this in the MK3 or the plus, easily create a new clip and choose the

pattern content that makes it up.



  • D-One
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    Yes, well... sort of, depends... In the SW you can just right-click a Pattern and convert it:

    Now from hardware (or M+) I am not aware of a way to convert a single Pattern, we can only convert all Patterns in a Section in the Song Mode Menu, the 3rd top button is to Convert to Clip.... I guess you can use that and then delete the extra Clips or create a Section with only the Pattern you cant to convert 1st - Not very practical unfortunately unless I am missing something.

    It's very odd to have a way to convert every Pattern in a Section but not a single Pattern on the HW. 🤷‍♂️

  • MatrixxSoundlab
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    It's so easy in the software. Hopefully it'll come within a future update. It would add to ease of use in the clips and section views tremendously!

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