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Traktor S3 lifeless when connected via Studio Display

As the title says, I'm getting no signs of life from my S3 when connected to my MBP M1 Pro via the studio display ports.

Is this a known issue/does anyone know of a fix for it please?

S3 --> MacBook = fine

S3 --> USB C Dongle = fine

S3 --> Studio Display --> MacBook = nothing

S3 --> USB C Dongle --> Studio Display --> MacBook = nothing



  • Uwe303
    Uwe303 Moderator Posts: 1,791 mod

    We had the same issue here in the forum, i guess it's a mac issue you simply can't fix as far as I understand it's not a simple passive hub so there is a chip and whatnot inside. So just don't use the display USB ports for the S3. You can find a lot of posts about problems with that build in USB hub, for example, one guy has to disconnect a wireless mouse in order for other devices to work.

  • twentytwofour
    twentytwofour Member Posts: 3 Noise

    So much for everything through one cable. Not cool from apple I guess then.

    If any solution arises please share and I'll make sure I do the same.

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