Acoustic Guitar to Manually strumm

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I noticed Strumming Acoustic 1 and 2 only have patterns to strum. Will there be a Vst Guitar that you can Manually strum with your keyboard coming out in the near future from Native instruments?

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    as far as I know electric mint can do that, you can use the patterns but you don't have to or you edit them after drag and drop into your DAW but i don't know if you can strum with it.

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    @phoegh These 2 libraries only have patterns. More recent libraries like Electric Sunburnt XL, Electric Mint have a "Melody" instrument where you can play your own notes. Feel free to check the videos of the products here:

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    With a simple MIDI-FX, you could do such stunts in EVEREY sound...

    I hope MASCHINE will implement MIDI_FX (own and 3rd Party)... ans "resample" the midi-fx directly into the pattern, if you click a special button/right-click-option...

    Also, the "piano-roll", the auto/mod-lanes should be refreshed... curves for the mod-lanes... and horizontally zoomable are standard; just-show-scale/keys "piano-rolls" are alos becoming standard... so NI lets dont wait us so long as long for VST3 ... which ist almost out of date... CLAP (from Bitwig/Uhe) will become the new plug-in-standard next 2 years... Dont be so "grandpa" in new developments outside your own world...

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