Traktor s4+Roland Tr8s+Mk3 combo help?

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Traktor s4 mk3

roland Tr8s as live input

Maschine mk3 connected to speakers and used as soundcard.

When I change to use the Mk3 as audio soundcard the dex on s4 continue to work but the live input doesn't it just stops the audio coming threw? How can I configure so live input works threw using this set up?


  • Ryan_NI
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    hey, @Itchygash - sorry for the delayed reply.

    could you post screenshots of the following in the Traktor Preferences? The audio settings for the Maschine would be ideal as well.

    • Audio Setup
    • Output Routing
    • Input Routing
  • Itchygash
    Itchygash Member Posts: 12 Member

    Thanks managed to get it sorted by separating maschine audio out and the s4 audio out not having the maschine use the s4 Audio does still say line out not supported in the settings of the s4? Yet the audio of the Tr8s comes threw now!!

    I think I was trying to get everything going threw the one audio card either the s4's one or the maschine audio's ok now and everything works great..

    ......tip it helps to get the Tr8s and maschine in midi sync by offset 13/14 in the maschine settings😬

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