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  • D-One
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    No prob. You've built hacks? That's cool, I wonder why you didn't go that route? Just curious.

    I think for your peace of mind you might be at the point where it's worth to backup everything and just go for Monterey, maybe thru external booting as a trial 1st?

    New OS's slowing down a system in a significant way applies more to the low-end/core segment, you got a very capable 6-core computer there, I doubt that will be a problem. For whatever it's worth my Hackintosh is very similar to your Mac Pro in terms of raw performance and I don't notice it slowing down (albeit since I update every year so it's harder to judge VS jumping 4 OS versions at once). I used to run benchmarks at every OS release but gave up when I didn't notice any significant change a while ago, at least for Audio.

    I wouldn't take the official 3 versions supported to heart, I believe part of the logic is removing some accountability from NI to an extent as replying to support tickets for old MacOS versions becomes an ever-growing nightmare, at some point they just gotta say "Sorry but your system is not supported, if you have other questions feel free to open another ticket" 😬 Of course, no one from the company would ever admit such a thing. Also, as I understand it at least part of their testing is automated and those can fail for very minor things. So updating apps might be fine, or not... no way to know but to try as long as you have backups, for apps like KK/MAS just overwriting with the previous version is usually fine.

  • Kymeia
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    Yeah I've been running Kore 2 for years on 'unsupported' systems - it's a guideline not a rule (even if over time it has become harder to sustain and required more and more ingenuity)

  • ozon
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    FYI, back at my mac today (running macOS 10.14) I checked Native Access (version 1) and received the Maschine 2.16 update. Installation went fine and Maschine 2.16 seems run fine on my system.

  • Paullyboy
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    Isnt vst3 pointless in maschine as maschine itself does not support any of the new abilities of the standard, so except being able to use vst3 compatable versions there is little point

  • Kymeia
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    Well except that is the main point, many plugins especially on Mac are now coming out as au and VST3 but not VST2. Particularly those that support Apple Silicon

  • D-One
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    Also, it's better to do it asap than keep waiting until no one else is releasing VST2 plugs anymore...

    Steinberg's development for VST2 stopped a long time ago, their plan was to make a gradual transition. Devs complain a lot about VST3 quirks but it has documentation to help learn it, is open-source, and is still being developed so it gets bug fixes and new features... That's good for us, the users, at least in the long run.

    In a couple of years, DAWs might evolve past VST2 and be forced to drop support for it, when that happens everyone on the 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' camp could be crying just like when 32bit was phased out.

  • D Genetic
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    I agree with @Jo. regarding macOS 10.14 Mojave from a different perspective. Indeed, Mojave is the last version which allows to run some Adobe and Microsoft Office software which were purchased a few years ago and are still satisfying most users' needs. Those who update to 10.15 and later will be forced to purchase new licenses or subscribe to (very) expensive rent-model licenses, without much benefits apart from more cloud integration - which is not necessarily needed by most.

    So for me, I definitely stick with macOS 10.14 for as long as my powerful Macbook Pro is alive and kickin'. Hopefully NI will understand this and bring back compatibility with future versions of their software - in my case Traktor Pro 3.

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