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Hi fellow music people,

I would like to make a collaboration of my own Maschine music while playing other dj's music with my Traktor. I already somehow know how to sync them and did some tests but still run into various hurdles where I hope any of you can tell me 'it's possible this way' or 'nope, not possible'. For info, I have a Maschine MK3, a Traktor S4 mk3 and a Komplete M32, A Macbook Pro M1 Pro, Minifuse 4 (audio interface). I can use Albleton live lite 11 but rather only use the NI soft and hardware if possible.

Question 1) Can I / should I use Kontakt inside (as VST) or next to the Maschine software or should I 'only' run the Maschine software?

Question2) With Maschine, when jumping from one preset to another, can you only pre listen the Maschine sounds / pre sets through headphones AND main output, or is it possible to listen only through headphones?

If someone can point me a location 1)where this discussion already took place or, 2)people sharing their way how to setup the live and dj setup, would also be very appreciated 😍

Thank you in advance!



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    1. you can use Kontakt as VST i side the Maschine (standalone)
    2. it depends on your audio setup - if outs off Maschine will go into the mixer, you can cue/monitor there

    First thing you need to do is sync Traktor and Maschine via LINK. So your midi is synced and clocked.

    I had some issues with syncing both devices (!), the sync was on, but there was always a drift....

    The solution for me is to use Denon sc2000 midi controller (with a jog) so I can synchronize drift via oldschool DJ method - turning jogwheel like vinyl.

    For some strange reasons, those 2 devices don't work perfectly together.

    I tried more complicated setup, with Maschine, several analog synths and Traktor for looping and 'sampling' 1 or 2 bar loops. I had always Traktor drifting a bit, each of the decks was off a bit....tried several methods of syncing, Traktor as master, Maschine as master, etc - all options rendered similar outcome - small drift on Traktor

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    Hi Filip, thank you

    What I'm really thankful about is.. that im not alone struggling with the timing. What I sometimes do is only use the 'clock' and mix it in myself. Ive been a record dj for many many years so that is easy for me and with Maschine and Traktor you can change the speed. But I thought it would be more intuitive.... I hope it is and someone will point me (us 😉) out how to make it easier.

    I will try to use Kontakt as a standalone within the Maschine software and see what happens.

    About the mixer, First I will try to use the software from the Audio interface and maybe the volume of Maschine. If that doesn't work, I'm gonna use one of the Traktor sliders and there I can also use the headphone for the other decks as well. I only hate to see one of my decks go for the Maschine input.

    Again, if any of you people have another and maybe THE best 🤩 solution, it would be appreciated!

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