Windows 11 - compatibility roadmap

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Hi has anyone seen any dates from all of N.I. stuff being Windows 11 compatible?

I have Komplete Ultimate 12, KK S61 MKii, Maschine Studio

Just wondering when I can upgrade knowing all of my N.I gear will work?



  • luismi6il
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    I've recently bought a laptop with W11 and Ryzen 7 5000 series processor with 16GB RAM. I own a K M32 keyboard, Maschine Mikro and Komplete 13 Ultimate. In this equipment the CPU works at only 10-20% even with heavy granular Kontakt libraries like 'Straylight'... The truth is that I have not noticed any problem or any crash so far. I hope I've helped...

  • maax555
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    Thats interesting as N.I. still only showing the following as being supported.

    Might be worth installing and making sure I back up my Windows 10 install first.

    Currently, only the latest version of the following products are supported on Windows 11:

    Product Supported version

    BATTERY 4 4.2.0

    Crush Pack (BITE, DIRT, FREAK) 1.2.0


    MASCHINE 2.14.6

    MASSIVE 1.5.9

    Mod Pack (CHORAL, FLAIR, PHASIS) 1.2.0

    RAUM 1.2.0

    REPLIKA 1.5.0

    REPLIKA XT 1.2.0

    TRAKTOR PRO 3 3.5.2

  • Matt_NI
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    Not officially supported doesn't mean it's not working. We usually need to do some heavy testing and we wouldn't recommend using it unless stated otherwise but it's possible it runs smoothly. You can give it a go but as you suggested, maybe make sure to have a backup just in case.

  • Simchris
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    I have no issues with komplete on windows 11 aside from the known birthing problems of windows 11 like ssd slow down unrelated to n.i.

  • cnavarro1499
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    Not getting Maschine Studio to work with Windows 11, even after installing the driver in compatibility mode. Very anxious to get this running again.


  • JesterMgee
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    So fgar, everything I have tested is working (Komplete Kontrol, Maschine, Kontakt 6, Battery). Have some issues with Native Access not installing updates but that is known and there are workarounds. Unlike macOS which usually needs actual effort poured into updating and testing everything, Windows will usually work just fine with some official testing needed to just confirm things.

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