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Maschine transport buttons not working in Midi Mode in Logic

Mavros Member Posts: 12 Sine
edited November 2022 in Maschine

I repost this issue as I saw the original one was marked as answered but I still have a problem with Maschine in Midi Mode.

I am using an MBP with M1Max and Monterey latest update and also Maschine 2 latest update.

In Midi Mode in Logic the pads work, the groups switch the octaves, shift-1 and shift-2 for undo and redo work, the mixer functions and solo and mute work but play, record, loop and tap do not work. According to the cheat sheet NI provides for Logic integration in Midi Mode they should work however. Pushing Record on the MK3 just activates the track for recording (red R in the track header). The other transport buttons are inactive. 

I tried to reprogram these buttons allocating MCU IDs for those commands instead of CCs in Template 1 in the Controller Editor but to no avail. The only way I got Maschine to control Logic transport buttons is if I load the Logic Pro instance instead of the NI default one but there the integration is very basic e.g. most other buttons and the pads are set to off. 

Has anyone and idea why only these bottons do not work in the standard setup as per NIs recommendation and how to solve this issue? I already did the fix NI propose (reload the .device file) but that has not effect.



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