New Beta = Nothing... Again...


Waiting almost 2 and a half months for a new beta, again, brought us nothing. CDJ-3000 improvements coming up in every beta like it's their player and not Pioneers. New Pattern Player kits. Awesome 🙃

Not a single new piece of information about flexible beatgrids or real-time stems. In research... what a joke. "We are aiming to be more transparent"... try listening to users for once. It's better not to bring out anything than to release some minor things that vast majority doesn't care about.

Share the ideas and get enough votes, people do, and nothing again. This loop lasts a lot longer than 32 beats...

What are your thoughts on everything related to updates this year?



  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 2,797 Expert

    I wonder if they even have a full time dev working on Traktor.

    It feels like it's just a half time one.

  • c0nsul
    c0nsul Member Posts: 311 Pro

    Could not test yet, the MAC download says "coming right back" at this moment.

    But what the changeling says, it seems to be a maintenance update which is very welcome in my opinion.

    We had to wait much longer for updates in the past. Also, before releasing new betas, expect some NI-internal alpha testing which also takes time.

  • awol9000
    awol9000 Member Posts: 69 Advisor
    edited October 2022

    Same with Maschine, 1 minor feature per year (if that) with 45 bug fixes...NI should be ashamed they still have Traktor issues with Beatport!

    Native Instruments - The Future of Sound (LOL)

  • Oxy
    Oxy Member Posts: 96 Helper

    What did you expect. Every version and the software becomes more and more unstable. It doesn't crash but closing it down takes FOREVER and then next time you can pray that is saved correctly and can still read your collection file.

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