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I'd like to know if there's some kind of a roadmap for Maschine similiar to the one that Traktor 3 Pro has?

It would me nice to know where Maschine is heading in the future and what the main focus currently is.




  • Impermanence
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    Welcome on board!

    Also, welcome on board!

  • darkwaves
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    @Nico_NI : Do it. Just do it. Don't let your dreams be dreams. 🙃

  • Nico_NI
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    That's the idea but other teams don't let your dreams happen sometimes 😄

  • tribepop
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    Yay, I’m just glad you didn’t say there isn’t one because there’s not anything planned. I know the changes may not be as grand as everyone hoped but I’m happy there is still development happening and an engagement with the community. Maschine users make up a good chunk of your user base, you gotta take care of us.

  • high198
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    ….We’ve definitely heard this from NI before…..

  • mrjackster
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    Feels like “next year” to me. Pretty much five months and no sharing.

    good work Native again. Say something vague then don’t really do it…

    its so frustrating for users.

  • Psyearth5
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    ...this is Amazing sampling Maschine and instruments are specialy crafted so we can do unbelievable things

    . NI give us Chord inversions but still we are waiting for Costume Chords oPada so we can trigger FX and other dynamic sounds, gates, flangers and all other FX. Maybe Light OS made just for NI software and Music Production based on Linux 😃 it would be Amazing to finally feel freedom to be away from problems and just make music, something like Plus Ver. Integration with Traktor and Bitwig,. Ableton is already stable setup for basic performance but something new that has nothing with Windows will be revolution... Traktor works with Maschine and 4 channels one is input Maschine one could be sampler and other two can play tracks and Maschine could be instrument as it is but for live with more stable connection or OS like Linux on Maschine+ next gen have to be more independent like a +

  • Flexi
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    Honestly it is much simpler than that, take a leaf out of the oldschool users books, believe nothing anybody from NI ever says and assume you are getting no updates ever, that is the ONLY way to never be disappointed with NI (old NI or this new.....whatever it is) or its employees.

    NI is the archetypal five stages of grief....

    1. Denial - "You suck, of course they will update Maschine with all the features we have requested"
    2. Anger - "They suck, they will never add any features we ask for"
    3. Bargaining - "Nothing really sucks, but if you don't add the features we want, I wont be buying anything off you again"
    4. Depression - "Life sucks, this could be the best software ever if they just added XYZ"
    5. Acceptance - "NI, pfft"
  • D-One
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    Well, if that's your philosophy to avoid disappointment I'd say that's probably for the best, however, "believe nothing" implies someone lied, and I don't think that was the case. I'm in stage 6 btw, the stage of 'I gave up and moved on'.

    My reply was in the context of interpreting what Nico said as "something definitively will happen early next year" when that's totally not what he said. Internally no one has more desire to be able to have more open communication than the forum staff, trust me, these are the people who actually have a 'public face'. You can expect things like what happened with the Auto-Sampler, it was announced here a month or 2 before release, that's the best you will get for now and the foreseeable future IMO.

  • RedwardMc
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    The last few years that’s what NI was doing with the updates, giving roadmaps for what’s upcoming. That stopped when they started focussing on vst3 and M1 updates, which probably took all this resources. When that’s done I’m sure we’ll see some good updates again.

  • D-One
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    Sharing what the next upcoming feature is not a roadmap tho, roadmaps share details of what's expected to come for the whole year (divided by quarters) or few years... Some might not have exact dates but it's definitively not just sharing one eminent update as that tells users absolutely nothing about the general direction of the software/hardware and keeps users in the dark.

    This is intel's CPU roadmap for example:

    we don't even need something that detailed of course, the one for Traktor is sort of OK; it at least tells users what the priority is.

    After 2 years the sympathy for "they have to deal with Apple" has run out for me.

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