Maschine MK3 Midi Routing (Studio One)

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Hey there!

I have a question concerning MIDI Routing. I tried to describe my problem in the attached picture.

I would like to route each of the different groups in Maschine to a channel. E.g. I only load my favorite kicks in group A, only snares in group B, and only hihats in group C. Now I want all pads from each group to have their MIDI data routed to one track in Studio One.

Can someone help me?



  • aixbeatz
    aixbeatz Member Posts: 3 Member

    What I've done so far: I load my favorite kicks into group A, my favorite snares into group B and my favorite hihats into group C.

    I routed the audio output accordingly:

    Group A - Audio Output - Ext. 1

    Group B - Audio Output - Ext.2

    Group C - Audio Output - Ext.3

    The problem is to record MIDI data in the DAW.

    I want to catch all MIDI data from group A on one channel and all MIDI data from group B on one channel and the same for group C. No matter what settings I tried, either several sounds play at the same time, or the MIDI data is not recorded or the MIDI Data is recorded but doesn´t play back.

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    have you tried just dragging the midi from inside the pattern view(right hand side(directly beside the miditoaudio button).. and drag-and-drop directly to studio-one track?

    or does that just give you a jumble of midi?

  • aixbeatz
    aixbeatz Member Posts: 3 Member

    The original Drag and Drop MIDI or Audio functions work fine. But I don't want to catch the MIDI data in the machine software, but in the DAW.

  • 6xes
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    unfortunately im unfamiliar with studio one...

    im assuming you are using the VST within studio one

    inside the maschine mixer view there is a midiout near the bottom... each group would have to be setup and routed through somehow... but thats where one would start, beyond that youll have to trial and error things

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