Now that Ableton has released "Note" for IPad/IPhone... will NI finally update iMaschine 2?

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Ableton has just released "Note" for IPad... will Native Instruments finally update iMaschine 2?

Ableton Note

Double your loops to create variation within clips. Then duplicate your clips and experiment with different versions of your idea in Note’s Session View layout. Create eight tracks with up to eight clips on eight scenes, and use the Scene Launcher to experiment with building it up, stripping it back, and trying out combinations of layers.

When you like the way your clips are arranged, export your project as an audio file to share with friends and collaborators.



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    iOS 16 allows drivers, so in reality they should just be porting full Maschine itself to iOS with support for the controller too, the port to M1 is a vast portion of the work involved, but at this point I would think it is highly unlikely.

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    I had a play with Ableton Note....deleted it, straight back to just sounds soooo good!

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    A system similar to their cloud would be good. Anything created on the app becomes instantly available in the desktop software and/or Maschine+

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