Spending $25 e-voucher code from Native Instruments

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I bought a Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2 keyboard. It was not exactly cheap as a keyboard but it looks as if of good quality and apart from some minor reasons to confusion then I think that it's been a great experience so far and the keyboard comes with all sorts of software including Komplete Select 14 and a DAW. It's absolutely amazing and the support here is good. So this is all great , no regrets so far and it makes me 'day dream' and hope of one day getting a hopefully extremely great offer on KOMPLETE 14 COLLECTOR’S EDITION when I actually have the money - which I most certainly do not have now !

What I have now is a $25 e-voucher code from Native Instruments ! How cool is that I get something worth $25 from Native Instruments on top of getting everything else !... I mean that's what I thought , at least until I visited the shop and also read the conditions for using the voucher...

I turns out that the voucher do not appear as if it has any real use value. It's not really a gift but a ruse to make me spend more money - that I can not spend here now !

Anything and everything that I have seen that I want I either do not have support/use for , or it's twice the price of the voucher , or I can not use the voucher to pay !

I were browsing some , I dunno , presets or sounds for Massive X but then found out that I need Komplete Standard for having that (or stupidly spending money on standalone version) , then I found something nice third-party , but that was twice the price of the voucher. Oh ! , but then I thought , well , at least I can grab an extra PSU for my new keyboard (40 Watt PSU actually priced nice and with free shipping !) , but of course I can not use the voucher on hardware (as little as it can be used for upgrades).

Also , I haven't really bothered since it all seem to either cost at least twice the value of the voucher or it is something I would automatically get if upgrading the Komplete Select so why on earth would I want to spend any money on that ? , but at a glance it appears that there is not really anything of any interest that I could get using the $25 e-voucher code from Native Instruments to pay for the purchase.

But still ! , I will at least ask here if someone else has any good ideas about something that should be interesting to get that I could get using only the $25 e-voucher code from Native Instruments to pay ?

Otherwise ! , then maybe what Native Instruments ought to do is to make a list of 'expendable items' that new users could pick one of as real 'gift' to personalize user Komplete experience. Maybe from a list of something NI that otherwise would only come as part of Komplete Standard ? That of course would limit the social experience here if not everyone has exactly the same in library but on the other hand would create a real sense of 'gift' and 'choice'..

If the gift were a choice of something otherwise only from at least Komplete Standard then it would not really be lost as far as NI goes, since NI probably wants and expect all it's users to upgrade to at least Komplete Standard anyway - including what small part that they then already had been gifted as a welcome present/gift...


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    I agree NI vouchers are a joke and as you put it, it's just a bait to get people to spend more money rather than save. These vouchers "expire" soon after issuing, so you think you will lose 25 bucks and want to spend it on something asap. In reality, you don't lose anything by not using the voucher at all. In the long run, you're better off waiting for a 50% off and buying then. Just keep in mind you can't use that gift voucher on products that are already discounted. (nice strategy, NI!) So, my advice: forget about the voucher, it's not worth any serious thought, you'd be spending more using it that coupon.

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    Thank you for your insight !

    Yes , I have reached that conclusions myself as well (forget about the voucher since the actual value is too low to actually buy something within spending rules)

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    Just dispose of the voucher in the bin like most of us do. They are basically good for the expansion packs for Maschine or a preset pack if you like but I admire the long winded effort invested to complain about the free gift :)

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    I clearly wrote , and I quote :

    "But still ! , I will at least ask here if someone else has any good ideas about something that should be interesting to get that I could get using only the $25 e-voucher code from Native Instruments to pay ?"

    You didn't point out anything "that I could get using only the $25 e-voucher code from Native Instruments to pay" , and still you have the audacity to refer to the e-voucher as a FREE gift while at same time trying to belittle me for same reason (or maybe your problem is that you as an Australian see other prices than I and think that we all see Aussie prices ?)(here the voucher itself doesn't give you diddly squat)...

    My whole point were that it's NOT actually a gift because, as far as I can see, then I can not buy anything in the store for the amount that the voucher is issued with (so it's certainly not giving you anything at all for free)(but either you see some cheaper Aussie prices or you are too caught up trying to belittle to actually get the point !) .

    You yourself mention Maschine , but if you go to the store and look :

    Then there is nothing for Maschine at less than twice the price of the e-voucher (probably more since the number twice is in Euro and they do not even issue voucher in Euro to the Europeans to whom Euro is the currency presented in shop !) there is three items at first at 'only' EUR 29 and that's presets for Massive , and not even that will they give as a gift to choose from ! (had it been a gift I mean - which it is not). And best thing is that they will only allow you to choose from 'virtual items' that they themselves often set the price on (some is third party I know).

    I think that it's an extremely petty attitude by Native Instruments to show as far as the voucher goes. At least it ought to enable you to buy something cheap from the store with no extra money added ! Had I maybe been able to buy the cheapest item in store for my voucher then maybe I would have considered the voucher as a gift (especially if it had been something worth picking) . As is I find it really hard to do so.

    Something 'free' is something like "KOMPLETE START" which I might add is a nice thing to let everyone have for free and a great start for someone wanting to get to know the Native Instruments universe. But that's not what this discussion is about.. This discussion is about that the voucher is not really a gift as it is not enabling you to get anything unless you cough up some more money other than what you just spend buying their keyboard-software bundle. Also , the voucher do not enable you to get anything , other than if you cough up the difference then maybe a few preset trinkets for Massive or one of three expansions for same, the rest you could probably get just as cheap at the next sale , where the voucher does not work either.

    Personally I am generally a very happy Native Instrument hardware and software user that kind of admire the N.I. products : https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/7126/i-am-in-love/p1?new=1

    What I do not admire is your apparent total lack of effort to actually do anything other than try being a smart !


    If their e-voucher should actually have been a gift as far as enabling me to buy anything then it should have been € 29 which as far as I can see is the price of the cheapest items. If the e-voucher should actually have been a gift enabling me getting anything worth getting and with much choice then it should have been € 49 which is the price of the cheapest items which IMO is really worth getting (though there is three Expansions for massive at € 29)

    P.S. 2

    I recently bought the IK Multmedia Total Studio 3.5 MAX so , if have to be, then I really am not in a situation where I really need to spend more money, especially not to get synth sounds, though the Total Studio 3.5 Max is so much more and they even give you free stuff once in a while just to receive their newsletter (which they regretfully do spam you with)!

    However I have no regrets buying the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S61 MK2 keyboard , like I wrote then as far as Keyboard product with software package goes then IMO it's unrivaled ! :


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    I was just going through the same thing... hoping that maybe I could use the vouchers to buy Playbox. But because Playbox is currently on Black Friday sale, it won't work for that or anything else that's currently on sale.

    Personally, I wouldn't buy any plugins at full price, it's really excessive!!

    BUT... I did just find out that you can use the vouchers for the Komplete NOW subscription!

    Komplete NOW includes Playbox. I also got a 3-month trial code with my M32. Apparently the e-vouchers add 3 months to your trial, or 4 months if you haven't started a trial yet. I'm not sure if you can do this more than once though. I have 2 e-vouchers that came with my M32 and S49 mk2, and I can't find anything else that I can use them on, so hopefully I can use them both one after the other to get an extra 6 months on top of my 3-months that came with M32. Maybe I'll start another thread or submit a support request to see if this will work.

    If it does work, then I'll be able to get 9 months of Komplete Now, which will give me time to use Playbox until the next summer sale, at which time I'll upgrade to Komplete 14 and get it with the bundle.

    NI info page about using e-vouchers for Komplete NOW: How to Use Vouchers with KOMPLETE NOW – Native Instruments (native-instruments.com)

    E-voucher conditions:

    1. This e-voucher is valid on all Native Instruments software downloads available at the NI Online Shop. It is NOT valid on updates, upgrades, crossgrades, edu licenses, hardware, or products that are part of a special offer.

    2.The e-voucher is personalized and only for use by the appointed addressee/user. It is not transferable and may not be re-sold.

    3. The e-voucher expires if not redeemed within six months after receipt.

    4. If the total amount of the e-voucher is not redeemed, the holder is not entitled to payment of the remaining balance.

    5. Only one e-voucher can be used per product.

    6. The e-voucher may not be redeemed for cash.

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    Seem to have struck a bit of a tender nerve so I apologize, I was simply saying most people don't another because it cannot be used on bundles, upgrades, sale items and there is nothing I know of that can be purchased for only that value. It is basically a limited $25 credit on expansions really.

    But I will step out now, good luck.

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    Thank you very much ! (and sorry for the late answer but I do not subscribe to forum emails and have not been here in months)

    I will not be using the Komplete Now myself since I hate subscribing to something that gives only access while subscribed and I know in advance that I will not be keep subscription of (especially not since every $/€ spent is a $/€ that one could have saved for later spending on upgrading ones version of KOMPLETE 14 permanently). So for I personally it would only serve to create confusion and annoyance later on. However the Komplete Now tip is actually brilliant and the best value that anyone could get for the voucher I think so thank you very much !

    Best wishes for a happy 2023 🙂

    P.S. : For me personally then the only thing that could ever make me pay to subscribe to 'Komplete Now' would be if a komplete Now subscription had worked like a "Rent to own" thing where a subscription would earn/give a permanent license to Komplete 14 versions (without further subscription) after a number of months of subscription !

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    Yup, they should offer 'users' Komplete Kush ... $25 a quarter !

    Coupon problem solved 😊

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