Maschine Mk3 Monark Problems

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Hallo Guys,

every time i load Monark, after a few minutes the Sound stops respectivly becom quit (without mute anything) no matter the recorded midi from a pattern or if try to play something live. I check the Mute Button, the Mixer, the Scene, the Arranger, anything... And if i try to load the project from a older save, i got a very annoying sinus sound non stop, and than the only thing i can do, is to load monark new so i lost my settings. And this is going on on every new project i try, not only this one. So it seems to be a global problem with Monark on the Maschine DAW (Windows). I got all updates, the Maschine Hardware have the newest Firmware. I have no Ideas what is going on. If i use Monark on more than one group, so the problem begins maybe first on group c and a few minutes later on group d but i dont know why. If i have more than one instrument on the group, in this groups only Monark become quit, nothing else. The group self (maybe the kick or what) is running normaly. But even i put only Monark in a Group on Pad 1 an nothing else, the problem comes to. Have anybody an Idea?

Thank you very much!


  • ozon
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    I’m not sure but it could be that Monark is not registered properly and running in demo mode, where it gets unusable after some time.

    Only NI support may help you if it is indeed a licensing issue.

  • Matt_NI
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    Is Monark coming up as running fine on the Maschine 2 Software when you checking on your computer? Do you get a message about Demo?

    What happens when you're trying to run demo outside of Maschine?

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