Traktor Audio 2 HW and Windows 11

After many years of using my Traktor Audio 2 HW (USB Audio Device) and it's companion software, it came time for me to upgrade to a new Dell Laptop Computer that runs on Windows 11.

Windows 11 will not recognize my Audio 2 HW device at all. Moreover, the Traktor DJ Software keeps asking for me to add/install the Audio 2 output device I selected from the drop down list . . . in spite of the fact it was already there and plugged in all the time.

I took this issue to Microsoft Windows Support first. Thet took ovr my computer and showed me that the Audio 2 Driver was indeed downloaded and present, but there was an error/issue with Windows 11 installing and using it like is should (and did with Windows 10).

So: is there, or will there ever be, an Audio 2 HW Driver made available that will allow be to carry on with Windows 11?

George in Cincinnati


  • Neddac
    Neddac Member Posts: 32 Member

    Probably easier to rebuild the laptop on Win 10 tbh

  • Isotoxin
    Isotoxin Member Posts: 112 Helper

    Show us the device manager list with a connected Traktor Audio interface to a PC.

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