Do I need to re-download all native instruments software after switching to M1 MacBook Pro?

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So I was using Maschine, Komplete Kontrol and everything on a MacBook Air, and I decided to upgrade to the M1 MacBook Pro because I needed a more powerful computer.

I transferred all the files over from my MacBook Air onto my new MacBook Pro using time machine. The computer prompted me to download Rosetta when I tried to open Maschine. I downloaded it, but Maschine crashes every time when I try and use it. Ive tried to go to preferences in finder, and right click Maschine under applications, but there is no option to select "open using rosetta" I've given everything full disk access, but it doesn't help. I prefer not to go downgrade to 2.14 or reduce the buffer. I was hoping to use the latest version normally.

Im able to open Maschine inside of Logic, but I prefer to use Maschine as a standalone DAW before I drag everything over into Logic.

Is it crashing because I need to remove and reinstall everything for a silicon based computer instead of an intel based computer? Im not very good with tech terminology, so excuse me if I make any grammatical errors.

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