A fun way to change Key!

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Try this...

Copy the playing track (drag n drop or map the function) to an empty deck with channel fader down.

Switch the now playing deck (with volume still down) to the key you want.

Slowly switch between the decks with the channel volume faders for an interesting key change. (You can also filter or use an effect for fun.)

Or quickly switch at transitions or back and forth for a quick phrase, vocal change or before a drop on another track.

If you have a long repeating areas of tracks or many similar tracks this can help add variation without completely switching to a new track.

This does take some practice and close attention to decks playing and faders, you don't want to suddenly double a track and blast the volume or forget what track you were trying to change.

This also works for starting or ending a dj set.


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Thanks for sharing @zephry!

  • Stevan
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    Nice one!

    We used duplicated track concept to create Flux Mode before there was a feature in Traktor =)

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