Maybe a preview to Traktor Pro 3 stems

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RX 10 Music Rebalance

Music Rebalance is a powerful tool that intelligently identifies vocals, bass, percussion, and other instruments in a mix and allows for independent gain adjustment of each element.


Drums too loud? Vocals not loud enough? Are other instruments too present or is percussion not punchy enough? With Music Rebalance, you can easily reanimate a mix, create instrumental versions of songs by removing the vocal elements, or isolate the vocal to prepare a remix without having access to individual tracks or stems. Music Rebalance is also available as an Audio Suite plug-in.


Along with the mixing capabilities of Music Rebalance, RX provides automatic stem separation to generate independent files for further refinement—so no mix is ever really “final” until you say so.

Very interesting to see how this get implemented, plus there is other features to RX 10 that may also help to enhance the quality of the separated stems. Looks really interesting 😎



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    I've been playing with this kind of audio adjustment to prep tracks and convert them to stems format for a bit now and it's a lot of fun, though making this a high quality production requires a lot of time. I can't imagine doing any of it in a live situation. I do hope that live stem seperation being integrated into DJ software will kick of the development of better and better training modules.

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