Project uses Prism in Reaktor 5 - but now that I have 6 installed, there are problems!

wayfinder Member Posts: 208 Pro

At first I got no sound from the track at all when I loaded up the project. When I opened the Reaktor (5) GUI, I got an error message that the Prism file couldn't be found. I located it on the HD, but now Reaktor said that it couldn't load it because it was made with a newer version. I replace the Reaktor 5 with a Reaktor 6 instance, and now Prism loads and I get sound - but the patch sounds different than before, in a nontrivial way. Thing is, I think it even got the right preset I started from, but none of the changes I made to the patch appear to have survived the process. Is there any other method to get my part back, as it was? I'm working in Live 10 on Windows.


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