Installation to external disk on macOS

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Last time I checked, Native Access 2.6.2 was not able to install a library to location on external drive on macOS. I read somewhere that NA should be granted full access to disk. Yes tried that too, and now I have tried to install the same 45GB library three times (and every time it wants to start downloading it again..) - so I'm asking would it be possible to just do a simple check in the NA software whether it is able to install anything to the selected location before proceeding.

The nicest thing would be to actually fix the issue.


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    Try to use NA 2.7.0 please

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    @tomuinen This issue wasn't reported yet. What happens exactly and for what library ? Do you get an error message? What is the format of your external hard drive ?

  • Jeremy_NI
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    We didn’t hear back from you. We’re closing this thread. If you still need assistance on that matter, please get in touch here:

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