Custom FX mapping not working in Traktor 3.6.1

It has worked for years, since Traktor 2, so my questions are:

1) Is there any way to get to it work?

2) Is there any hope that whatever broke it between 3.5.3 and 3.6.1 will be remedied in a later update?

The mapping is based on Tekken’s Kontrol F1 Ultimate Mapping v3.4, where I changed a bunch of the FX paramaters and moved things around to suit my workflow. People are reporting that the same things that broke in my mapping broke in the original with Traktor 3.6.1, so it's not just me.

What broke are the pad FX that you push once to activate and again to turn off (using Modifiers to determine the state of what is active). In Tekken's mapping these are Echo Freeze 1 and Delay T3, but I have three other effects mapped using the same Modifier set and they are all affected. Basically, you should only need to push the pad once to have it set the FX and the starting paramters and make it active at the same time, but now you have to push the pad twice or the FX does not activate. This makes it useless because the whole point of a pad effect is for it to activate immediately.

I've downgraded to 3.5.3 for now and it's working again. There is no way I will be upgrading until I find a way to resolve this.



  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    I think they are looking into it “to see if it can be fixed”

    hopefully it can as this is what makes Traktor so unique.

  • rmn
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    We should be allowed to script and get high resolution I/O, like all native and supported controllers. I would be happy to pay for formal support and access to the scripting engine. We have done funky midi mappings and big modifier chains for years now and there is an increasing amount of relevant functionality purposely hidden away from us.

  • FunkyBrewster
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    I hope so. I guess I'll file a support ticket to ask for an official response, but I was wondering if anyone else had already done so. I couldn't find a clear answer by searching the forum.

  • Tellmeaboutit123
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    Yes I’ve already filed a support ticket regarding snap shots and the using instant grat mappings.

  • LucidSFX
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    Well I can now confirm my issue with modifier states after reading this post. I have tried to connect with Support to advise them of this. I was told they do not support 3rd party mappings. However, I went back to them detailing that the modifier states are not registering and require them to be remapped. This can happen during any session or when the application is open and closed.

    I have a download for 3.5.3 so I will check it out as well and post back here when I am able.

    MY service ticket:

    Hello again, I am currently using Traktor Pro 3.6.1. I understand that you do not support 3rd party mappings but the mapping features and logic to how to handle them is something NI should support since it is a feature of the product. I am trying to determine if the mapping makes sense or if there is a bug with Traktor. I am asking for clarity on the logic on mapping (maybe a conflict?). However, I do not think this is the case and suspect I found a bug.

    Basically, I have 3 buttons to program (per deck). I am sharing the mapping file and screen shot in hopes that you will see how I have programmed the three LED's. The issue only is with the buttons which handle the 8 bar and the 32 bar loops. Each of the three buttons have a modifier state which will turn on Green if active and Red if inactive. Each Deck has its own mapping and uses a unique Modifier# Assignment. The K2 allows for 4 states of the LED (OFF/RED/ORANGE/GREEN). Each colour state for a single button has the potential for 3 MIDI NOTE messages (I currently use only two for each of the three buttons). So when the loop is inactive all three buttons will light red. When one of the buttons activates the loop it will light up green.

    The problem is that the modifiers require me to remap the affected buttons for M states 1 & 3. I use each modifier state from 0-3 to handle the switching from the 3 buttons. If I press the Button for the 8 bar loop (C#2) it will turn on and off. So, everything works as expected except every now and then in the same session or when I restart the application, I am required to remap those features because the modifier stops listening to button presses.

    I believe this is an error with the application not handling the Modifier inputs.

  • Sûlherokhh
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    edited October 2022

    I'm not sure if i understand correctly, but here is my take.

    I have a lot of experience mapping the K2. It's a K2 thing that you are probably suffering. The LED's can only switch from [RED/AMBER/GREEN] to [OFF] and from [OFF] to [RED/AMBER/GREEN], and not from [RED] to [AMBER] to [GREEN] or the other way around.

    The solution for me is to have it go to [OFF] in between switching, making the process effectively a double switch.

    The other controllers i own do not have this problem, so this is not necessarily a problem NI can solve.

    Again, this is how i understood what you were saying.

  • Stevan
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  • rmn
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    If your K2 can't switch between led colors then it is probably broken or something is off with the mapping.

  • Sûlherokhh
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    Are you telling me you can implement a button toggle, let's say 'Loop Active', to switch between GREEN (active) and RED (inactive) with a single pair of LED Out assignments on the K2? I'd like to see that. 🦋

  • rmn
    rmn Member Posts: 40 Helper

    You made me interact with the controller manager.. 😢

    Anyways, I stand corrected! At least partially. Turns out that Traktor insists on transmitting note off before accepting any new output on a that particular mapping entry. Which means you are able to create the conditions to switch between colours once before the latest note takes precedence in all events. Same for CC. Basically it is impossible to transmit toggles from events and that is quite.. well. I guess the controller manager hasn't been updates for a while. If you are adamant on having this specific functionality you could implement it through the QML files using the JavaScript XMLHttpRequest.

    Thank you for reminding me why I put Max in front of Traktor to handle communication and events. Sorry for not being able to help out.

  • Sûlherokhh
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    And here was me thinking you had a quick workaround. Back to brute force. 😆

  • rmn
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    I was a bit surprised because I use rapid led color successions for important notifications. The K2 is perfectly capable but you need to put other software between Traktor and the controller.

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