Tutorials for using Maschine Plus with Ableton?

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I'm having problems incorporating maschine plus into my larger overall workflow and there don't seem to be many good tutorials covering how to use Maschine Plus with Ableton. I know it's a standalone system, but i will never be able to start and finish an entire track with just the Maschine in spite of how much i like it- i have tons of plugins and mastering stuff already with ableton. So... can anyone recommend any videos? Everything I'm finding is about Maschine (not the standalone hardware that i have) so it's not been super helpful. Right now i'm having trouble connecting it via midi over usb and how that relates to Ableton Link. I keep getting delay that doesn't seem to be adjusting when i adjust the clock offset. Help?


  • stephen59tx
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    I regularly use my M+ connected as an external audio device to Ableton 11 and record the audio to clips. The Ableton link works good in the M+ standalone mode.

    To setup a midi connection between Ableton and M+, you need to run the M+ in controller mode. I use the Maschine plugin in Ableton as a midi device.

  • ohhru
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    It keeps triggering stuff like 90ms late for me for some reason and its driving me crazy.

    is standalone mode where you just have it plugged into your soundcard and run it into ableton cuz thats how i'm using it tho i do have the usb connected and now even the midi connected to my soundcard and its still not working :-/

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