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Cannot Relocate All Libraries in Native Access 2

gcorcella Member Posts: 16 Sine
edited October 2022 in Native Access

Hi there

I've just changed my computer but I cannot find the Relocate All function in Native Access. I'm now doing that for each library manually but I have more than 200 products registered so it's taking quite a few time.

Does anybody know how can I fix this?

Thank you



  • Keith Cocker
    Keith Cocker Member Posts: 36 Sine

    I am in exactly the same position!! New mac and having to relocate hundreds of items in NA - still I'm enjoying discovering libraries Id forgotten all about.!! Cup of coffee and some good music helps.😀

  • gcorcella
    gcorcella Member Posts: 16 Sine


    Yeah, I had to do that manually in the end. Hope NI will fix this.

    Also, it would be good to have the chance to select a new installation path for each library if needed (NA doesn't store only NI libraries) without changing the preferences each time.

  • skychick
    skychick Member Posts: 1 Noise
    edited October 2022


    I have over 150 libs on an external drive and missing this function is super annoying. The directions say to change the folder in the Settings, in general, but there's nothing that actually goes and updates/scans individual libs - tried restarting (even OS). Sad oversight.

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