Kontrol Z2 on M1 Pro/Max

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I'm currently looking at the Traktor Kontrol Z2 since my local retailer still has the last few units left at their store at almost a 50% discount.

Unfortunately, I am already using a M1 Max MacBook Pro running macOS Monterey (12.6) and I am worried about compatibility. Especially when the M1 Compatibility News page is showing that the hardware is "Compatible via Rosetta 2," which made me worried about its usability down the line considering it has been discontinued.

I know there are tons of controllers out there and the S4 MK3 being one of the controllers still in production but since the Traktor Kontrol Z2 is tempting at its price, just wanna figure out if there are anyone out here with a Kontrol Z2 running on M1 Macs.


ps: Yeah before the arguments start, I know there are a lot more mixers and controllers at an affordable price point. I just could not get used to Serato and hate Rekordbox so I am back looking at Traktor. And no Mixars are unfortunately not available in my country and if I buy them in, I might as well just spend on a Pioneer DJM-S7.


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    @WXSHED asked:

    just wanna figure out if there are anyone out here with a Kontrol Z2 running on M1 Macs.

    I have a Macbook Air M1 and a friend with a Z2 uses my laptop often, he says it runs Traktor very well compared to his 2018 intel MBP regardless of Rosseta. However, the M1 Max / Pro / Ultra seems to have additional issues that the normal M1's don't have so I can't 100% confirm that it will work; wait for others to confirm but if you go that route be prepared for the chance of not being able to update your OS.

    I was in a similar situation with Serato when Rane discontinued support for SL2, SL3 and SL4, I considered Traktor and even bought an Traktor Audio 6 since I had a mixer with MIDI (PMC 05 pro4) but couldn't adapt, so I know how hard it is to switch your software platform; I ended up buying an DJM S7. Anyway... An older mixer with MIDI + Traktor interface could also be an option worth looking at for you.

    Yeah before the arguments start, I know there are a lot more mixers and controllers at an affordable price point.

    Controllers yes, mixers kind of... The Z2 was the king of affordable 2-channel mixers with built-in interfaces for a long time, best price to performance out there, shame NI abandoned the project.

    Nowadays all the options on the market are for Serato, the cheapest being the Numark Scratch and Mixars DUO MkII at around 500$, those offer a layout similar to the Z2 but after those everything is at least 800$ and goes all the way up to 2000$+

    1. DJM S5 - 800$
    2. Reloop Elite - 1200$
    3. Rane Seventy - 1300$
    4. DJM S-7, S11 Rane 72 MK2, etc... between 1500-2000$, or a kidney and a half.

    AFAIK all those can be mapped and used with Traktor altho judging by my brief attempts at mapping my DJM-S7 to Traktor it's not really something trivial if you want a lot of modes and full functionality.

    If you're not a DVS/Scratch DJ then controllers seem like an easier solution given the amount of those out there.

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    Hey, thanks for your input! It's pretty insightful. Seems like you may be right, an older mixer with MIDI + Traktor Interface could help, since MIDI will always work as long as I can find a MIDI interface, if only Traktor does not discontinue support for their interfaces in the near future...

    It's a shame that all DJ gear in my country is about 1.5 times more than what the US is charging for it (example: DJM-S7 is nearly $2100 here). I would continue to look at what options I have then. Thanks!

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    The audio interface is class compliant, Kontrol devices are handled by an NI hardware management daemon and do not actually speak in Midi. There is not a lot that can fail except for the NI hardware management thing.

    And if that thing fails, the Z2 will not show up as a supported device, thus abolishing the perks of a Kontrol device (high resolution control!). I would recommend against buying any of the Kontrol devices. The integration is way too restrictive and the risk of failure due to such defensive tactics is pushed to the owner of the device.

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    I just picked up Kontrol Z2 and it works properly with Mac M1 Max processor on macOS 12.6... after computer restart. Initially thought there was some issue. Just needed to reboot mac

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