Traktor Pro 3.6.1 + S4 MK3: WASAPI driver disappeared

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Good morning Folks,

After the 3.6.1 update, my laptop can no longer find the WASAPI driver for my S4 MK3. Does anyone else have this problem?

With the S4 MK3 connected, I have to manually switch to the ASIO driver for the sound card to work.

When starting the previous version of Traktor Pro 3, the controller is recognized normally again and all settings are correct.

So far no feedback from the Traktor team....

Have a nice day!



  • DJM (Sagar)
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    Hi. You will need to uninstall the ASIO drivers fully, restart your laptop and then reconnect S4 mk3 so Windows installs S4 mk3 then open Traktor and you should see wasapi. It's one or the other now. Its not ideal. I am having other weird things happen. For example, I used to be able to go down to 192 samples on wasapi exclusive but now it's capped at 309. 3.6.1. brought alot of compatibility stuff with Macs but broke more than a few stable things I feel.

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