Traktor Streaming Music Evolution... But Where Are You ?


I'm French Man, sorry for my translation.

Recently Traktor Pro 3 allows you to connect to BeatPort, but this is very good for Electro DJs.

There is also Traktor DJ 2 on Ipad which can connect to SoundCloud, this is good for remixes, alternative artists.

When, a connection with Tidal, Spotify or other popular music streaming platforms, for to access my playlists created in real time when I listen to radio stations around the world, with Soul, Funk, Pop, Rock'n Roll, Reggae, Blues, ...., popular Music or no, that you can't find on Beatport or Soundcloud.

A When this inevitable evolution, which some great software like Serato and Algoriddim have already done.

So I'm going to be negative, but the Traktor Pro Plus evolution, which only allows you to create Patterns and adjust the volume with Izotope, does not justify a monthly or annual subscription.

It's too little progress.

Don't foolishly follow the competition with subscriptions all over the place.

I have a Kontrol S8, and I ask myself the following resonance should I be patient in order to keep my organization with Traktor and my equipment.

Or should I prepare to go to Serato or see, Algoriddim...

Thank you in advance for the answer and a big thank you to all the teams working on Native software.




  • PK The DJ
    PK The DJ Member Posts: 860 Guru
    edited October 2022

    Connection with Spotify is never going to happen. They no longer allow integration with DJ software/hardware.

    You didn't mention Beatsource. If Beatport is too "clubby" for you then try Beatsource. It has a wider range of genres.

    Also, Soundcloud is no longer just for remixes and lesser known artists. They have everything on there.

  • Calibre999
    Calibre999 Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    Thank you for your reply.

    Beatport, Beatsource, and Soundcloud, but that's still not enough for full access to streaming music that's possible to play.

    I hope the Traktor team will soon make the link with Tidal or equivalent to access 98% of the music available on the Internet.

  • gillster11
    gillster11 Member Posts: 19 Member

    Don't worry about it Tidal is on the way these things take time and now in my opinion Traktor is back in the game and we are starting to see big changes at Traktor for the better maybe not as fast as everyone expects but changes coming

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