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When Installing NA from Komplete13 Ultimate Hard Drive:

Running the executable (Initial Native install) my NA is selected as Dark update and then it starts to update many titles. During this day long update of the initial Native Access hard drive it will sometimes fail a few titles and you can retry. I even use an alternate directory for all Downloads and Documents away from my C drive (more space).

It leaves behind Arcane Library ADD LIBRARY.

Note is also DOES have an Arcane Attic install in NA. It not the same I guess.

I have found two web page notes on this subject of 3rd party settings (link below) and SN entry (Not lower left but is actually upper left) does not do anything. Playbox? has numerous errors.

I add the SN anyway but it does not matter as the Arcane Library is greyed out of install and refers you to a tech note below. Nothing else in NA under that title is clickable.

This tech note lends no solution to installing it, nor talks about the NICHT referenced file or content (The drive is not helpful on content names).

It is an orphan. Embertone does not seem to understand when I ask them of the Native issue and vice-versa when asking either Native web info, tech support or Embertone.

Has anyone got a concise method of acquiring the content and installing in NA?

Last year when researching and failing this I did seem to have found and saved the following content:


A rar file 1,391,346 KB

A download of Winrar.exe I might have thought I needed to install or 'unzip' with.

If I create a directory Arcane Library under NA by browsing to the created subdirectory NA will then show more errors in red. "Arcane location F:/Native/Documents/Arcane Library" & "The library path is invalid" "read how to fix this" link

Has anyone installed this title or have knowledge about its installation Folder name, the nicht file


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