m4a support on traktor 3.6? and Windows 11



  • lockenelch
    lockenelch Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

     installed the current 3.8 beta 5 days ago. Since then all M4A files work again

  • VityaT
    VityaT Member Posts: 25 Member

    Can confirm that issue is still here in official Traktor Pro 3.8 release. Windows 11 22H2

  • Knaz84
    Knaz84 Member Posts: 38 Helper

     installed the current version 3.8.0. Since then all M4A files also NOT work again

  • Eventmusicpros
    Eventmusicpros Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

    same issue for me.

  • Knaz84
    Knaz84 Member Posts: 38 Helper

    I'll tell you more... Judging by the releases of beta versions, you should not hope that this problem will be fixed in version 3.9

  • Dirk Jan Dullemond
    Dirk Jan Dullemond Member Posts: 15 Member

    Logged a ticket refering to flucuations in itunes files (.m4a). And only that format can not be processed correctly by Traktor (3.8). When converted to mp3 the tune playes perfect. It is irregular, some m4a's have no problem .... I am really disappointed, and I think that it might be time to look for some other platform since this platform is unreliable for me.

    The answer to the ticket was they logged it and closed it since they coul not do any thing for now.....

  • Knaz84
    Knaz84 Member Posts: 38 Helper

    if they really can't do anything to fix such a problem, then it's really worth considering switching to another platform...

  • lord-carlos
    lord-carlos Member Posts: 1,555 Expert

    No, they are saying they can't do anything specific for him NOW, as it's already a known problem.

    Sending in a bug that you know they know about it somewhat counter productive. Unless you want to make a statement, which can be fine too.

    Look at the beta thread, it's literally says they are working on it:

    Known Issues that we’re working on:

    • M4a files that have been bought on iTunes have volume issues on Windows since the last security Windows 11 update

    There are so many reasons to switch platform, no need to pull some out of thin air.

  • Dirk Jan Dullemond
    Dirk Jan Dullemond Member Posts: 15 Member

    I had a problem earlier with the m4a's which they fixed, but apperantly this one showed up for me just after the last W11 change. I really do not understand (and I come from an IT background) how this can interact. Where other player do not have any problem. For me it is frustrating, it means I loose freedom in my sets to play, I have to be aware that this problem pops up each time (and I am fed up with solving the problem by converting to mp3...).

  • TheMasterMief
    TheMasterMief Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    So, quick update for everyone from what I have gathered so far:

    This is an issue with Win11 m4a codecs since 22H2 that is affecting not only Traktor but rekordbox and various DAW on Win as well (see: https://forums.pioneerdj.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/12212808237337-RekordBox-5-8-7-m4a-problems)

    I get that this a Windows issue, but I still can't approve of the weak communication on NI's part here.

    I wrote to support about this when I was still running Traktor 2 and was made to believe an upgrade to Traktor 3 would correct this. Well, I am 50€ down and I find out that this is a known issue and I was not told about this at all by support.

  • TheMasterMief
    TheMasterMief Member Posts: 2 Newcomer

    So, a workaround that worked for me, as I could not roll back to 21H2 because I had the update for more than 10 days:

    This guide shows you how to roll back Windows using a Rufus image:

    The issue is with 2H22, which makes m4a files decode incorrectly in Beta 3.9 as well as Public 3.8.

    Rolling back from 2H22 is the ONLY CONSITENT WAY to fix the issue until NI (or Windows hopefully) fixes this.

    The obvious fix would be the option to install your own codecs and use them in Traktor (K-Lite) but whatever.

  • nskcharles
    nskcharles Member Posts: 29 Member

    I have also seen the blue spikes (regularly) and also randomly have problems with the beatgrid BPM getting rounded down to a whole number. This has happened even after I locked the grid.

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