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NI have a responsibility to provide a clean uninstall

Avasopht Member Posts: 4 Sine
edited October 2022 in Native Access

I've had to spend a considerable amount of time manually uninstalling each and every NI product from this machine after buying a new machine that will be music only.

I cannot for the life of me think of any valid reason for making uninstallation so painful.

Worst of all, the vast majority of them are sound packs that don't even need to be in the system registry ... and NI discontinued the tool they did offer in the past.

This is extremely inconsiderate of people's time, as it basically means we must spend an hour or so uninstalling each individual installation (most of which are just audio and patches).

I'm sure there are plenty of threads about this, but I don't think this can ever be addressed enough.


  • Simchris
    Simchris Member Posts: 128 Tri

    Sadly, most software companies do not have an uninstall all option. Not unique to NA. Also remember you do not need to uninstall on old machine to install on new machine. Luckily most stuff is one click uninstall from windows apps menu.

  • richardsun
    richardsun Member Posts: 8 Sine

    Bug report: When I uninstall a product manually from Native Access 3.01 on Mac. Native Access reports that the product is still installed, but needs to be repaired.

    Feature request for Native Access on Mac: Native Access should have an uninstall feature for each product.

  • ZDPhoenix
    ZDPhoenix Member Posts: 8 Sine

    Music software has been allowed to be over a decade behind that of game and art programs for practically it's tenure. Native Instruments may have the most comprehensive collection on the market, but that comes at the cost of also being the most painful to deal with when something doesn't work right. It's discouraging.

  • janpeeters
    janpeeters Member Posts: 15 Sine

    Dear Native Instruments,

    can you please provide a uninstall function in Native Access. With your library of productions and those included in Komplete 14 becoming so large it's every now and them necesarry to uninstall some libraries.

    There are enough software developers that provide uninstallation. Arturia does it and Softube too. And there are more.

    I would be very grateful if this could be implemented. It's not difficult.

    Thanks, Jan

  • Avasopht
    Avasopht Member Posts: 4 Sine

    I uninstalled all music applications from this machine so that I could have one purely for music and another purely for development (and maybe some gaming as it's got an RTX GPU).

    The problem with NI's uninstallation is that I had to go in and manually uninstall every single sound pack (IIRC I also had to use CCleaner as some uninstalls were failing).

    The mind boggles why they would actively decide to make it costly for users to uninstall 100+ sounds and plugins and just not provide a method to uninstall it.

    For the programmers, it's trivial to add the functionality, so this has to be a ruthless upper-management decision to purposefully inconvenience users.

    And I say this not as a frustrated user, but as someone who also works in this industry.

    These are red flags to me. It says a lot about what to expect from them in the future when I am making a purchase decision, because if they can choose to inconvenience users like this then I have to assume more things like this will happen in the future that will drive users crazy.

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