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Hey Guys!

I want to uninstall all of the native instruments files because i want to reinstall the Komplete 13 bundle.

I uninstalled all of the files through the settings in windows, but when i open Native access the plugins there says ¨repair¨. I dont know if that made any sense, but basically i cant find the answer anywhere online. I need to just remove everything so that i can reinstall.


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    Since info for NA install status is stored in the registry there may be an issue with the Windows uninstall process that does not completely remove all registry entries for "some" products (also make sure to close and reopen Native Access in case it is just a refresh issue). Refer to this article, and download and run the Uninstall reg tool if any of the products show on the list, use the tool to clean up the registry.

    Fixing Software Update Installation Issues (Windows) – Native Instruments (native-instruments.com)


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