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i am using my maschine 2 as a vst within ableton. For some reason ive got grid problems. The pads are flashing twice per step. So basically something is set up to 1/32. however i tried to change grids in pattern mode and so on but i cannot get it back to work as it normally does when set to 1/16th. I tried it on another maschine just installing ableton and maschine completely new and there it appears to be normal. Any clue what i am doing wrong?



  • Steffer001
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    Don't forget to turn of midi through on your channels inside Maschine. It sounds like this is the problem.

    I could be wrong

  • Tequilahut
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    nope thats not the problem. I tried it with bitwig… all fine … with logic all fine. Machine stand alone also fine only in ableton the step size is somehow not correct. It still places the notes where it should but the pad is flashing twice per step on

  • Tequilahut
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    I uploaded a private video with shows the problem i am dealing with

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