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Hi . I’m programming in Reaktor and I created a vocoder but I have a issue. As shown in pictures; Cakewalk is able to have two audio tracks of the vocoder one Modular and one Carrier; there are a list of input from the ReaktorFX 16x16 effect. I connect Reaktor (Input2) to the output of track 2 (Modular) with the effect inserted in Track 1 (Carrier). Can Cubase operate in the same matter I don’t see the list of input in Cubase Pro 11 demo for the ReaktorFX 16x16. See images. Please I could use any assistance with this.



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    Don't choice Reaktor fx. Vocoder ensemble works as intrument,

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    Having as a Instrument isn't the case; this is only for the MIDI version using the oscillator; but for using other audio source as the modular for the vocoder is a different story. Its works in Cakewalk as a effect (ReaktorFX 16x16) with the input selected as the output for track 2 as a modular source. Does anyone know how Cubase Pro 11 can do the same.

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    @EvilDragon This sounds like something for you 😃

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    I suppose so.....

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    EvilDragon is not a Cubase user and doesn't know Cubase very well, unfortunately...

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