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Reaktor Player for iOS

I just learned that NI has some products for the iPad: iMachine and Traktor DJ.

Here's hoping that we can get an iOS version of Reaktor Player someday.

It can even cost money, I don't care. In fact, charging for it might be an additional revenue stream for NI. I just want to be able to run a Reaktor ensemble on an iPad.


  • Paule
    Paule Member Posts: 827 Saw

    Chet, there in the past some Lemur settings use with Reaktor's OSC connections.

  • colB
    colB Member Posts: 421 Saw

    Apple silicon is ARM based, and they are supposedly working on a native version for that platform. I think that makes an iOS or Android version much more likely, although still not very likely :)

    Really seems like it would be a nightmare, Reaktor is such a large complex application, and so many frequent OS updates, that would probably destroy any new feature developments as the team would be working at capacity just keeping up with Apple's planned obsolescence philosophy.

  • Chet Singer
    Chet Singer Member Posts: 48 Tri
    edited February 2022

    Yeah, I know it's a reach and doubt it will ever happen. But I'd just like so much to run ensembles on an iPad. Not develop, just run.

    I've considered developing on AudioKit. But it means doing actual programming instead of drawing pictures using Reaktor's beautiful data flow language. I program all day, and programming again in the evening isn't my idea of fun.

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