Problem with Maschine and MIDI Clock

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Hello everybody,

I have problems with the MIDI Clock and I can't understand if you need a more performing PC or something else, I'll explain what happens to me:

I use a Traktor S8 and Maschine MK3 in the same configuration and have set Traktor to send MIDI Clock to Maschine.

Everything works as it should apart from the fact that when the MIDI Clock is running the Maschine audio crackles and becomes unusable.

The same track without receiving the MIDI Clock from Traktor runs perfectly.

I also connected a MIDI cable between the two controllers but it doesn't change things and they don't even change using different audio drivers (always ASIO).

My configuration is:

Core i5 - 3.8 GHz

Win 10 PRO



Traktor Control S8

Traktor Pro 3 version: 3.5.2

Maschine MK3

Maschine version: 2.14.3

Traktor Audio 6

How can I solve?



  • Leleerre
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    Does anyone have an idea where I might intervene?

  • DeepThumb
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    Don't run MIDI, Audio and Power over USB at the same time. Try MIDI cables instead

    Next 'escalation' step: Use its line out and connect them with an audio interface.

    Independent from the manufacturer / gear MIDI and audio over USB might not be reliable, particularly in combination with power over USB.

  • D-One
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    Try using Link instead of MIDI.

    An i5 from what year? A modern one? How's the CPU usage like when the issue happens?

    I personally never had any issues using everything thru USB, (especially after USB3) never used a MIDI cable in my life tbh, could that be a Windows-specific thing? Like this one that has never been fully solved afaik.

  • Leleerre
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    As I have already said ... even with the midi cable things do not change

    The processor is quite recent ... Core i5 - 11th generation and the CPU reaches 40% when I activate the midi clock, otherwise it stays around 30%

    Maschine's CPU also remains very low so I don't think that's the problem there

    Link I can't use it with my configuration .... I have to route the maschine mk3 to a channel of the S8 and with the active link I would not have the possibility to manage the channel assigned to maschine from the S8

    P.S. sorry for my bad english

  • Leleerre
    Leleerre Member Posts: 9 Member

    I finally solved it using LINK ....

    A small flaw though is that on every track I load into the S8 I have to move the beatgreeds to keep perfectly in time what is loaded on the Maschine and consequently I cannot keep the beatgreeds locked.

    However if someone knew how to work around this problem without using LINK it would be great

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